Cooling ice eye mask EYERELAX


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Ice eye masks have been around for centuries. These cold eye masks help reduce swelling in the eyes and provide relief from redness and irritation. Ice eye masks are great for soothing irritated eyes after a long day at work or school. You can use them before bedtime to help promote restful sleep.

The EYERELAX is filled with polymer massage beads which helps alleviate swirl and dazzle, forgettery, and anorexia induced by excessive brain labours, lighten migraine, neurasthenia and insomnia from brain fatigue. Use them after 30 to 60 minutes in fridge or 15minutes in the freezer for optimum effect. The mask also have a soft elastic band that respect the confort of your head when wearing it. They are  great to use before bedtime or in the morning when you wake up.



  • Material: plastic eyemask + Gel
  • Instructions: Refrigerate for 30-60 minutes, or freeze 15 minutes
  • You can re-use the mask


Size measurement below :

Size: 19.5cm*5cm






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